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Nick is the founder and host of the Gun Dog It Yourself podcast.  You’ll often hear him say it’s important to understand the why in dog training and to take “baby steps” with your dogs- slow deliberate steps to an end goal.  His first dog was a Redbone Coonhound he bought in 2006 due to being inspired after reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” as a young boy.  Crockett, the Redbone is now a retired opossum hunter and certified couch potato.  Once Nick developed a passion for hunting he decided to buy Rachel, his German Shorthaired Pointer as a started dog in 2014.  Rachel is a Prize 2 NAVHDA Utility dog and is known to find Ruffed Grouse when no other dog can.  Once Rachel turned four, Nick decided to add a Small Munsterlander to his line up and bought Lucy.  She is a NAVHDA Prize 2 utility dog and received a Prize 1 in natural ability.  Lucy always has a smile on her face that says “I’m ready to work and happy to be here.”   Nick’s goal is to qualify her for the NAVHDA Invitational test and have a shot at the coveted title of Versatile Champion.  While Nick is passionate about NAVHDA and it gives him a goal in the off season, his real passion is hunting Ruffed Grouse.  There’s not much that can compete with a day in the grouse woods with his dogs.  It makes it even sweeter when his wife Pam decides to tag along.  He and Pam live happily in their house full of dogs in Mcminnville, TN. 

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Born & raised in Jasper County, Illinois, Harold Elie grew up hunting quail, dove, squirrel, rabbit, deer, and turkey in the Embarras River Bottoms, a small tributary river that received its name from early French explorers who found themselves “embarrassed” by the winding river & all of the obstacles that it presented. Harold currently resides in Nashville with his wife and two dogs, and continues to hunt, fish, & train his Pointer, Lucy. 



Kyley is married to Scott Caldwell and is the driving force of Rusty Guns Kennel. Her passion for dogs and the people that own and want to train them is the driving force in what she does every day. She especially loves seeing ladies get involved in the dog world and helps whoever she can whenever she can. She truly loves seeing dogs work and has run multiple dogs at every level of NAVHDA and a few AKC events. Kyley and Scott currently own 7 dogs together but she lays personal claim to 2 of them. Her newest little spark of life is a puppy from their recent litter that came out of her favorite girl, Sassy! She’s still a novice hunter but is out there hunting just as hard as any of the boys! She enjoys the outdoors and the whole package of raising, training, testing and hunting her own dogs.

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