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GDIY is the podcast for all do it yourself dog trainers. The mission for the podcast is to instill the knowledge and confidence in the average handler to train their own hunting dog. On this podcast we focus on the WHY rather than just the HOW. We dive deep into discussions with other DIY dog trainers, industry professionals, friends, & hunters. GDIY interviews the trainers and hunters who have developed unique training skills and methods that can change the game for many struggling DIY handlers. Though bird dogs are our main focus and passion, we put out episodes featuring other breeds that are used for other game, such as, hogs, squirrels, turkey, tracking, & many more. We also feature episodes focusing on wildlife and habitat conservation as well as monthly bonus episodes such as "Listener Profiles" that shares relatable stories of everyday dog owners and handlers. No matter what the interest in hunting dogs, GDIY has it covered!



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